Concorde Flight Simulator
Concorde Flight Simulator: Your Chance to Fly a Supersonic Passenger Airplane

Everybody has their different idea of the ideal airplane when they sit down to a flight simulator, and this is why FlightProSim offers such an extensive inventory of different planes. In fact, they have one of the biggest inventories any game has ever had with 100 different options and counting.

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Military jets, passenger airlines, helicopters—they’ve even got a Santa Claus sleigh.  One particular choice that holds a special place in the hearts of many aviation enthusiast is the Concorde flight simulator.

An extension of reality games combined with social networking capabilities which has become a popular genre in the modern millennium—FlightProSim takes video game realism to a whole new level.

And the Concorde simulator has been brought onto the scene with all the attention to detail as all the other flying options. But what is it that sets this plane apart?

The Concorde flight simulator is a tribute to the world’s first supersonic passenger airplane.  This magnificent feat of humankind was the result of two companies, one French and one British, putting their efforts together following a treaty. The turbo-jet powered plane was so fast that it cut flight times in half compared to other transport aircraft.

But while the company kept their planes in the air for over 30 years, it was a rocky road, and in the end only 20 were manufactured.  Fortunately, that doesn’t impact the possibility to fly a Concorde flight simulator on FlightProSim, where it’s up to you what is and isn’t out of production.

The Concorde was a fantastic airplane, but it faced a lot of opposition.  At one point, there were 70 orders in place for new planes, but a culmination of problems led to most orders being canceled.

These factors included the 73 oil crisis, financial considerations (in spite of the plane being subsidized by the governments), and wide concerns of the impact sonic booms might have on the natural environment.

In fact, concerns were so great that the United States discontinued supersonic flight in the early 70’s, which of course made big problems for these companies.

Many even suspect the American government pushed for this simply because they had nothing to compete with the French/ British airline—that said, America was not the only government to turn a cold shoulder on the Concorde for noise pollution concerns.

In the start of the new millennium, the Concorde finally crumbled. A combination of one of their planes crashing (the only time it ever happened) and the impact 9/11 had on the industry ruined the company financially, and they threw in their cards. Thus, a historical icon left the skies.

Thanks to FlightProSim Concorde flight simulator, those who knew this plane’s worth or who simply want to test out its speed can still give it a go.  This legendary aircraft still holds the record for the fastest passenger airplane ever made. It can consistently hold speeds of over Mach 2 and had a landing speed of 185 miles per hour. And on FlightProSim, that power is in your hands.

Go download the game now to see why the Concorde flight simulator and all the other flying options of FlightProSim have gamers and airplane enthusiasts captivated. It’s realism in a PC flight simulator like the genre has never seen, and users are simply hooked. Which plane would you fly if your choices were unlimited? The choice is really yours.

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