Fokker Flight Simulator
The Fokker Flight Simulator Creates a Record of Aviation History

Fans of FlightProSim are entranced with the wide array of options in the airplane inventory. With 100 planes already on the list, including outlandish choices like a Santa sleigh, a UFO, and a futuristic hovercraft, there are planes for every kind of player.

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And in the tradition of preserving aircraft history, they have made it a point to include four Fokker flight  simulator choices, giving a unique glimpse airplane production throughout the 1900’s.

The Fokker airplane company is a historical icon of the aviation industry. A company started by a Dutch manufacturer named Anthony Fokker, they rose to glory by selling planes to the Germans during World War 1.

While there is no denying Fokker’s ingenuity, he was well known for stealing designs from other manufacturer’s without compensation and putting them together to create planes that were well feared in warfare. In fact, his planes were more feared than any other plane in the sky at that time.  After the war, Fokker was sued for using patents without permission but got away without paying his dues.

The war was only the beginning of Fokker’s success, and the company became the biggest seller of turbo-prop airplanes. In the 20’s, they were the largest manufacturer of airplanes on Earth.

But looking back at the history of the company shows they were often cutting corners in production and received bad press as a result. One of the biggest hits the company took was after a plane crash that took the life of a well-loved Notre Dame football coach name Knute Rockne.

Close media scrutiny led to thorough investigations, and it was discovered that the plane went down because of a structural failure owed up to wood rot—a finding that led to every Fokker plane in the US skies being confined to the ground along with any other planes that had built their wings using the same methods.

The company’ s history of poor production doesn’t mean, however, that the Fokker planes are any less fun to fly.  And the beauty of a Fokker flight simulator is that if the wing disintegrate and you drop out of the sky you aren’t going to be disintegrating next.

FlightProSim has 4 different Fokker flight simulator planes on inventory at the moment.  These include the Fokker 50, Fokker 70, Fokker 100, and Fokker DR.1.

While the first three of these models are small to medium-sized passenger planes, probably the most popular of the FlightProSim Fokker flight simulator series is the Fokker Dr. 1.  This particular plane was a fighter plane that gained a lot of notoriety in World War I as a deadly fighting machine known for its amazing maneuverability.

The Fokker Dr. I was made even more famous as the plane flown by the Red Baron, a German fighter pilot named Manfred Von Richthofen that was credited with 80 victories in the skies of World War 1, the last 20 of which were made in the Fokker Dr. 1 while fighting enemies with greater numbers and better planes. The Red Baron was killed in this same airplane in late April of 1918, preserving it’s place in history.

Relive the legends of this German war hero by diving and rolling in your own Fokker flight simulator. I particularly favor the Fokker Dr. I because of its small size.  It’s great for diving and rolling through the sky, and once the combat capabilities of the game are enabled, you will find one of their greatest strengths is their ability to duck and doge through enemy fire.

The planes are also known for having a lot of engine and wing failures, but that is part of the risk and difficulty of flying them, which of course simply adds to the fun.

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