Flight Simulator Cockpit

The Flight Simulator Cockpit is Where it Happens

To fully appreciate the extent of realism interlaced into the FlightProSim, you need to climb into the virtual flight simulator cockpit and experience it for yourself.

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It’s an amazing combination of high-quality graphics and authentic instruments. Since you experience flight from your cockpit, this is really the foundation of a game’s success, and FlightProSim has embraced this.

The developers have gone the extra mile to make a game that is far more realistic than other computer sims out there.  The cockpit is 3D and designed using real photography.  They’ve captured every aspect of the real world planes as extensively as possible.

The cockpit is where the pilot sites. It’s the center of their universe when flying, and in this universe they are in control.  Whether they are in a Boeing 747 feeling what real power is or spinning through the air in a military jet, the cockpit is the power in their hands.

The realism that goes into this flight simulator cockpit makes it a real learning tool for those going through or preparing for pilot training. They can learn to get a real sense of where everything is, how it functions, and what must be done in any given situation. And learning this while sitting on the ground is obviously a lot better than trying to piece it together at 20,000 feet.

But what really lies in the interest of those who want to be entertained more than they want to learn is what lies beyond the flight simulator cockpit—out the window. Because even if the cockpit is your link to the world, you are flying, and you want to see the world.

With FlightProSim, there is a lot of world to see.  There’s no limit to where you can fly; it’s all open territory. And they’ve used 3D imagery, Google maps, and satellite images to make the world as accurate as possible. You can find the world’s landmarks all over the world, or you can check out things as small as your own house.

Perhaps the most realistic and exciting flight simulator cockpit experience is that of the fighter jets. It’s really impressive what they’ve done to mimic the speed and maneuverability of even the fastest planes, and you get a real sense of the vertigo when you’re twirling through open space.

But one of the most breath-taking aspects is the beautiful scenery, which you have to purchase the upgrade if you want to check it out. The scenery is laid out over the entire globe and is beautiful.

Vast mountain ranges, deserts, forests, the rolling vineyards of France. Get a small Cessna and swoop down to check it all out from your flight simulator cockpit.

Are you ready to climb into a flight simulator cockpit and see the world like the actual pilots do?  FlightProSim opens doors for you, whether you’re looking to become a commercial pilot or you just want to experience the common fantasy of flight.

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