Flight Simulator Airport
Do you remember the old days of the flight simulator airport?  For those who have been fiddling around with this genre for a while, you probably remember how all the graphics work that went into the planes and the airports were almost non-existent.

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And then, when the airports did exist in a dimension you could appreciate, they were imaginary airports with little in the way of features.  In the past, they just didn’t take the integral nature of an airport into the flying experience, but this was a big mistake because a huge part of flying is the beginning, the destination, and the stops in between.

But game technology keeps improving along with it the dedication developers have to ultimate reality.  These days, they aren’t willing to cut corners on something so important to the experience as a flight simulator airport, and they better not because gamers aren’t having it either.

The complexity of gaming technology is reaching levels never imagined before, especially with flight simulator, which should be all about mimicking reality.

Consider the commitment of games like FlightProSim, who take their flight simulator airport realism so seriously they have 20,000 real-world airports in the game.  That’s almost all of the recorded airports in the world!  It blows the mind to think how much work must have even gone into that; less dedicated developers must be getting nervous.

Think about that for a minute if you dare–nearly EVERY airport across the world has a twin flight simulator airport on FlightProSim.

As a tool for learning, this greatly enhances the simulation experience because now those who play the game are well versed in the layout of the world’s airports and the unique aspects of each.  Even better, the game is opensource software and is constantly evolving, so there’s no doubt that as changes occur in the real world they will unfold almost simultaneously online.

This is huge for those crucial situations when a pilot needs to land in a worst case scenario.  If they know the area well just on a virtual level, they can tap into that knowledge in the name of safety.

This has all been achieved because the game is designed using information from NASA, real-world maps, and Google Maps.This dedication to realism as it applies to the flight simulator airport inventory in FlightProSim is really a testament to how far this game is going to go to satisfy the needs of pilot trainees.

A commitment to detail that is making users absolutely devoted to the game.  Insterestingly enough, it’s that kind of realism that satisfies the imagination.

But if you want to stretch your imagination even further, FlightProSim will also accommodate your need for control.  The game allows you to modify airports or even build your own, so feel free to play as much as you want.

This might not be the best idea for those aspiring pilots, who might get confused about which airports really exist and which they built themselves, but for the rest of us it’s all fun and games.

Do you demand more from a flight simulator airport?  Do you demand more from your gaming experience overall?  Than FlightProSim might be the kind of simulator for you.  Only you can really be the judge of that.  So get out there and try it for yourself.  I’m guessing you’ll be more than satisfied.

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