Helicopter Flight Simulator

Helicopter Flight Simulator: A Different Kind of Bird While airplanes hold a strong grip on the human heart, there is something about the helicopter flight simulator that is almost more exciting. Helicopters, with their unique design and increased control, give you a real sense of freedom in the sky, as if you are a natural creature in flight. Click Here For The Ultimate Helicopter Flight Simulator You can move straight up in down in a vertical fashion--sideways, backwards. Helicopters give you control, and this sense of power is one of the biggest draws to flying in the first place. The FlightProSim helicopter simulator embraces this in their typical fashion--with an unrivaled sense of freedom and realism. When you're looking for a quality helicopter flight simulator, what you really want is the most realistic replication of the true experience as possible. FlightProSim has made their helicopters as realistic as possible--both in their appearance and the way they handle...