Piper Flight Simulator
Piper Flight Simulator: An Introduction to Real World Training

For some people, a flight sim game is all about having a good time, and they just want to experience the speed and maneuverability of a fighter jet or live out the fantasy of flying a jumbo Boeing 747. Or to really get a laugh, they want to drive the Santa Claus sleight or a blimp.

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But for others, it is a  chance to learn something new with minimal risk, and they want some real training. Just like in the real world, a great way to learn is the Piper flight simulator.

The Piper flight simulator has been included because they are small simple aircrafts that are easy to fly. These personal-sized planes are very popular as a training choice and are often used along with Cessnas and other aircraft at training schools throughout the country.

There are four different options Piper models to choose from on FlightProSim. They’ve got a Piper J3 Cub—an old model from 1946, a 1962 Piper Comanche, a 1979 Piper Cherokee Warrior II, and a Piper PA34-200T.

The Piper J3-Club holds a special position in aviation history because it was the first plane to be put into high production as a cheap aircraft made specifically for training purposes.  From the 50’s to the late 90’s, civilian pilots purchased a lot of these planes from the military, and they continue to be a great, affordable airplane for those who want their own plane.

The Cherokee models, on the other hand, have always been popular and have led to a lot of the company’s success. These are the company’s bread and butter, and new designs are released almost on an annual basis.

The Piper P34 Seneca is also a favorite for pilot trainers. Probably one of their best airplanes, it is a nice all-around airplane that was made to address handling limitations of the other models. The result was a great all-around aircraft for those who want to learn.

Some people who experiment with FlightProSim aren’t interested in flying these little airplanes at all and just kind of scoff at the Piper flight simulator. They are there for speed and agility.  They want to drop bombs in the countryside and explore every inch of the dynamic world as possible.

But the potential of FlightProSim as a training tool should not be underestimated, and others realize if they want to use the game for all its worth they need to start at the bottom and really master the planes—which is where the Piper flight simulator comes in.

The game has been made as realistic as possible.The cockpits are real—with all the same tools and gauges—in fact, they are designed using real-world photography. In addition, the planes all handle exactly how they should and you can tell the differences depending on what you fly.

Depending on the physical conditions and circumstances, the instruments will behave (or misbehave) exactly as they would in the real world.

Couple this commitment to realism with 20,000 real world airports and real world time depending where the the virtual world you are, and you can see that FlightProSim is doing all they can to blur the line between their game and reality.

And this is why it was essential to include the Piper flight simulator. Because this isn’t just about play—the possibilities of FlightProSim are far greater than that.  They might not be as exciting (or ludicrous) as other options, but for many people learning how to fly an airplane is just the first step in something much greater…like REALLY learning how to fly an airplane.

This is the best way to prepare, and if you put in the time and effort you’ll be in the sky before you know it.

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Concorde Flight Simulator
Concorde Flight Simulator: Your Chance to Fly a Supersonic Passenger Airplane

Everybody has their different idea of the ideal airplane when they sit down to a flight simulator, and this is why FlightProSim offers such an extensive inventory of different planes. In fact, they have one of the biggest inventories any game has ever had with 100 different options and counting.

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Military jets, passenger airlines, helicopters—they’ve even got a Santa Claus sleigh.  One particular choice that holds a special place in the hearts of many aviation enthusiast is the Concorde flight simulator.

An extension of reality games combined with social networking capabilities which has become a popular genre in the modern millennium—FlightProSim takes video game realism to a whole new level.

And the Concorde simulator has been brought onto the scene with all the attention to detail as all the other flying options. But what is it that sets this plane apart?

The Concorde flight simulator is a tribute to the world’s first supersonic passenger airplane.  This magnificent feat of humankind was the result of two companies, one French and one British, putting their efforts together following a treaty. The turbo-jet powered plane was so fast that it cut flight times in half compared to other transport aircraft.

But while the company kept their planes in the air for over 30 years, it was a rocky road, and in the end only 20 were manufactured.  Fortunately, that doesn’t impact the possibility to fly a Concorde flight simulator on FlightProSim, where it’s up to you what is and isn’t out of production.

The Concorde was a fantastic airplane, but it faced a lot of opposition.  At one point, there were 70 orders in place for new planes, but a culmination of problems led to most orders being canceled.

These factors included the 73 oil crisis, financial considerations (in spite of the plane being subsidized by the governments), and wide concerns of the impact sonic booms might have on the natural environment.

In fact, concerns were so great that the United States discontinued supersonic flight in the early 70’s, which of course made big problems for these companies.

Many even suspect the American government pushed for this simply because they had nothing to compete with the French/ British airline—that said, America was not the only government to turn a cold shoulder on the Concorde for noise pollution concerns.

In the start of the new millennium, the Concorde finally crumbled. A combination of one of their planes crashing (the only time it ever happened) and the impact 9/11 had on the industry ruined the company financially, and they threw in their cards. Thus, a historical icon left the skies.

Thanks to FlightProSim Concorde flight simulator, those who knew this plane’s worth or who simply want to test out its speed can still give it a go.  This legendary aircraft still holds the record for the fastest passenger airplane ever made. It can consistently hold speeds of over Mach 2 and had a landing speed of 185 miles per hour. And on FlightProSim, that power is in your hands.

Go download the game now to see why the Concorde flight simulator and all the other flying options of FlightProSim have gamers and airplane enthusiasts captivated. It’s realism in a PC flight simulator like the genre has never seen, and users are simply hooked. Which plane would you fly if your choices were unlimited? The choice is really yours.

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Fokker Flight Simulator
The Fokker Flight Simulator Creates a Record of Aviation History

Fans of FlightProSim are entranced with the wide array of options in the airplane inventory. With 100 planes already on the list, including outlandish choices like a Santa sleigh, a UFO, and a futuristic hovercraft, there are planes for every kind of player.

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And in the tradition of preserving aircraft history, they have made it a point to include four Fokker flight  simulator choices, giving a unique glimpse airplane production throughout the 1900’s.

The Fokker airplane company is a historical icon of the aviation industry. A company started by a Dutch manufacturer named Anthony Fokker, they rose to glory by selling planes to the Germans during World War 1.

While there is no denying Fokker’s ingenuity, he was well known for stealing designs from other manufacturer’s without compensation and putting them together to create planes that were well feared in warfare. In fact, his planes were more feared than any other plane in the sky at that time.  After the war, Fokker was sued for using patents without permission but got away without paying his dues.

The war was only the beginning of Fokker’s success, and the company became the biggest seller of turbo-prop airplanes. In the 20’s, they were the largest manufacturer of airplanes on Earth.

But looking back at the history of the company shows they were often cutting corners in production and received bad press as a result. One of the biggest hits the company took was after a plane crash that took the life of a well-loved Notre Dame football coach name Knute Rockne.

Close media scrutiny led to thorough investigations, and it was discovered that the plane went down because of a structural failure owed up to wood rot—a finding that led to every Fokker plane in the US skies being confined to the ground along with any other planes that had built their wings using the same methods.

The company’ s history of poor production doesn’t mean, however, that the Fokker planes are any less fun to fly.  And the beauty of a Fokker flight simulator is that if the wing disintegrate and you drop out of the sky you aren’t going to be disintegrating next.

FlightProSim has 4 different Fokker flight simulator planes on inventory at the moment.  These include the Fokker 50, Fokker 70, Fokker 100, and Fokker DR.1.

While the first three of these models are small to medium-sized passenger planes, probably the most popular of the FlightProSim Fokker flight simulator series is the Fokker Dr. 1.  This particular plane was a fighter plane that gained a lot of notoriety in World War I as a deadly fighting machine known for its amazing maneuverability.

The Fokker Dr. I was made even more famous as the plane flown by the Red Baron, a German fighter pilot named Manfred Von Richthofen that was credited with 80 victories in the skies of World War 1, the last 20 of which were made in the Fokker Dr. 1 while fighting enemies with greater numbers and better planes. The Red Baron was killed in this same airplane in late April of 1918, preserving it’s place in history.

Relive the legends of this German war hero by diving and rolling in your own Fokker flight simulator. I particularly favor the Fokker Dr. I because of its small size.  It’s great for diving and rolling through the sky, and once the combat capabilities of the game are enabled, you will find one of their greatest strengths is their ability to duck and doge through enemy fire.

The planes are also known for having a lot of engine and wing failures, but that is part of the risk and difficulty of flying them, which of course simply adds to the fun.

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Plane Flight Simulator
Plane Flight Simulator: A Choice for Everyone

The majority of gamers and aircraft enthusiasts who are interested in playing a flight simulation game are there because they want to fly a variety of different planes and see what they are capable of.

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They want a large inventory and a wide variety of planes to choose from. The FlightProSim may have just become the most inviting out there, because they’ve got a plane flight simulator for everyone.

This is one of the the largest numbers of planes ever seen in a flight game list. There are over 100 plane flight simulator choices at your disposal, and all of the planes fly different from each other because that is how it works in the real world. You can really “feel” the difference between the different aircraft.

Aviation enthusiasts, specifically, always have certain planes that they are obsessed with.  It might be old World War II planes or supersonic jets of the modern era. Even gamers will find they have a flying fantasy to act out. It might be, and often is, flying the giant Boeing 747, or taking to the mountains in a helicopter.

There’s a magic and mystique attached to flying, and that magic permeates lives in our flying aircraft, which provide this one experience of living that humans were not made with and decided to create for themselves.

Every plane flight simulator is made to directly model the actual plane, including its smallest details, quirks, and unique “personality.” This only makes players even more attached to their plane of choice.

They learn its intricacies and grow skilled with it, and even though most people will take something else out for a spin from time to time, they generally choose a plane to stick with.

The greatest thing about FlightProSim is the fact that it is under constant development and improvement.. And since players get access to lifetime improvements for free, they will always have access to the newest and best options.

Because of this, the inventory of plane flight simulator selections will continue to expand, and enraptured fans will continue to see planes introduced that they always wished but never actually imaged seeing in a game.

What tickles your fancy?  Warbirds?  Jumbo jets?  Historic relics?  The unique flying machine called the helicopter? There are plenty of choices available. They’ve even got gliders, which allow you to get out into the open air and away from the obstructing view from the cockpit to fly in an easy manner that takes little learning.’

Still not satisfied? Try driving a UFO, blimp, Santa Claus sleigh, or a hovercraft from the future.

I think it’s pretty safe to say they’ve covered it all, and any stone left unturned will have its day. What it all amounts to is a range of plane flight simulator choices that will make everyone happy and no doubt lead to some great laughs along the way.  What’s your flying fantasy?

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Jet Flight Simulator

A Jet Flight Simulator for the New Millennium

Thanks to the increasingly complex nature of software development and its ability to imitate real world physics, jet flight simulator games have seen rapid technological advances in the new millennium.

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Couple that with an airline industry seeing its own rapid advances and a huge portion of the population that is obsessed with the idea of flight, the industry has truly seized the public imagination.

One of the most realistic options out on the market these days is FlightProSim, a company that is captivating enthusiasts and winning hearts with their dedication to constantly improve and expand on their game.

Offering huge jumbo jets, fighter planes, and even helicopters, there is something for everyone who has always dreamed of hopping into a cockpit and lifting away from the Earth.

For some people, a jet flight simulator is all about getting a taste of that real world experience and in fact, some games are so close to genuine flight that they are used in conjunction with flight training programs since there is no danger to the pilot or anyone else.  These types of enthusiasts make up a huge portion of the people who follow these games.

And there is another sector of the audience who just wants to have a good time.  They want to strap themselves into a engineering miracle of military might and try out all the crazy acrobats they’ve seen in their favorite movies without having to actually learn how to fly or put themselves at risk.

The FlightProSim offers both experiences.

You can choose the difficulty of your jet flight simulator depending on what you want to get out of the game.  And no matter what your choice, the sheer realism of the game will stun you.

The developers have implemented everything possible to mimic real world variables, and the result is an experience players have never seen before.  They didn’t cut corners in order to satisfy a mainstream audience—every single detail in the game has receive their focused attention.

And for those that do just want to get adrenaline and thrills, the realism provided by the combat jets will be enough to keep you happy for years, and they haven’t even installed the combat features yet.

You can drop bombs and blast your guns if it makes you feel big, but the game hasn’t yet been upgraded to allow murdering opponents at breakneck speeds.

I know—bummer…But not to worry—FlightProSim developers are working on this at the moment, and they offer free lifetime upgrades to users, which means once you buy the game it will always be improving and becoming better and better.

For those who come to the jet flight simulator games because they want to learn to fly, huge jumbo jets are available that directly replicate the actual aircraft in every technological and physical way possible.  From runway slopes to weather conditions to instrument behavior, no detail has been dismissed.

The jet flight simulator just took on a whole new dimension.  Are you ready to step into that dimension?  Whether you want to hope in a slow-moving plane and tour the beautiful vistas of countryside all across the globe or do acrobats in a fighter plane that make you want to puke, FlightProSim has got you dialed.

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Fighter Jet Simulator
Fighter Jet Simulator: Death is Knocking

When it comes to being a dreamer, everyone’s mind has wandered once or twice to flying jets like in Top Gun and having what is probably adrenaline-pumping careers in the world.  Ducking and rolling across the sky, dodging enemy fire, and all the while grinning like an idiot.

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Well, with the fighter jet simulator presented by FlightProSim, you can have all that without the added risk of that enemy fire clipping off your wing and sending you spiraling to the Earth some 15,000 feet below.

And because most people will go their whole lives never tasting the real danger of flying an airplane, let alone a high-tech military machine, the fighter jet simulator is becoming the most popular option on FlightProSim.

We can get a glimpse into what we’ll never experience for real, and part of us feels that same kind of thrill as a newbie pilot.

Software innovations have only recently gotten good enough to so closely mimic the complicated experience involved with a fast-moving, maneuverable fighter plane.

Sure, you could go to the arcade and play around with a silly resemblance of the speed these kinds of planes provide, but there was no way to replicate the actual handling and conditions involved with this caliber of plane.

So a lot of flight simulator engineers played it safe, keeping the physics simple—well, somewhat simple—and sticking with jumbo jets and other large, slower aircraft.  But FlightProSim has stepped up to the challenge and provided a fighter jet simulator like you’ve never seen before.

Just as with any of their simulators, no detail has been spared, whether it be handling dynamics, sheer game detail, or the endless possibilities available to seize a real world experience and bring your imagination alive.

There are a wide range of fighter jet simulator options to choose from, from the old Supermarine Spitfire to the Douglas Skyhawk to the Grumman Tomcat, giving options from throughout our nation’s military past.

Unfortunately, FlightProSim is still working on adding the battle features that people are really itching for from a jet fighter simulator.  You can’t take to the air and engage in intense combat with other players quite yet, but if you don’t think this option is not under full development you are horribly mistaken.

The developers are just as excited about this option as you are—probably a great deal more so—and they are doing everything they can to make sure it as amazing and realistic as possible.

And the sheer speed and maneuverability of these planes makes them well worth flying, regardless of whether or not foreign assailants are popping up and taking potshots at you.

They are made to do pretty much anything they can do in real life—and with the same experience of sheer velocity that the pilots get in the actual skies.

The FlightProSim creators have even done everything they can to capture the unique sound these jets are so well known for.  That right there is enough to stun you into silence and draw you into the game.

Roll your way through the sky and watch the Earth below melt into a collage of blurred color and see for a fleeting moment what it would be like to really climb into one of these jets and act out your fantasies.


If you’re still flying these sad excuses for fighting jets on video platforms that seem ancient compared to the fighter jet simulator offered by FlightProSim, it’s time to step into the next century.  Fly these planes like they were meant to be flown.

Glimpse the experience of a true fighter pilot.  Stare death into the face without ever hearing him knock.  We’re confident that once the combat features are introduced, people just like you all over the world are truly going to become addicted to FlightProSim.

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A320 Flight Simulator
A Sign of FlightProSim’s Commitment to Excellence

A newer addition to the plane inventory over at FlightProSim is a collection of planes from the Airbus family, otherwise known as the A320 flight simulator planes.

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A more slim passenger plane than the bulky 747, the Airbus has risen up in the ranks to constitute the bulk of new passenger plane purchases across the globe.

As the airline industry beings to cut back on the fuel-burning luxuries like over-sized seating and luggage compartments, this type of plane will no doubt only grown in popularity.

In the real world, the makers of the Boeing 747 are starting to worry as the A320 takes over the market, but competition is a good thing.

The end result is two companies bringing radical innovations to the airplane industry.

And thanks to the FlightProSim A320 flight simulator, now you can be the one sitting in the cockpit—putting those innovations to the test.  No matter what model of A320 plane you are flying, you can be sure to get an incredibly realistic virtual flying experience.

Some of the Airbus planes, however, do still need some work.  Some models could use some more options, and for this particular class of airplanes there are still a few handling improvements necessary for replicating the realistic flying conditions of the plane.

But developers with near genius capabilities in game design and flight simulation, especially when they put their heads together, are working on making sure the A320 flight simulator is brought up to speed with the realism and quality that is consistent throughout the game.

One of the most amazing things about FlightProSim is the company’s dedication to constantly improve.  They are always adding further inventory and options, and buyers get free lifetime upgrades upon purchase.

Even if there are still needed improvements, the developers have worked wonders with replicating the unique Airbus cockpit.

A lot of what went into the cockpits on these particular planes were true innovations in the airline industry, so the game creators have been sure to pay close attention to detail in order to preserve the small things that make these planes unique.

As far as difficulty goes, these planes have a little more room for error and are probably great for a just above average pilot who has some experience with the game but isn’t quite an advanced player yet.  They can still get a little bit of a challenge and have that realistic experience without taking on aircraft they can’t handle.

I find it refreshing that FlightProSim has decided to put so much effort into this line of French-made airplanes which are so often dismissed in the simulation industry.

Their dedication to providing the A320 flight simulator shows how determined they are to having the most thorough airplane inventory possible.

So hop into the cockpit and take these planes home to France, where they were born.  Marvel at the attention to detail in the scenery of a country that itself seems designed by greatness.  Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to see, the A320 flight simulator will take you there.

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747 Flight Simulator
Some people are so fanatical about flying airplanes that they’ll go to any lengths to keep the experience as close as home as possible.  Graphic designer John Davis couldn’t obtain his jet license because he claims he “wasn’t good enough at math,” so what did he do?  The middle-aged graphic designer spent eight years and about fifteen thousand dollars building a 747 flight simulator in his spare bedroom.

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Now he runs a business out of his home and charges people $130-$840 per hour to use it.  So much for being mathematically challenged…

Not everyone would have the dedication, patience, or “lack of math skills” to pull a stunt like this off, and honestly most of us have a little more going on in our lives.

But thanks to the most realistic flight simulation game out there, you can have your own 747 flight simulator in your home—and still have room for kids and a wife too.

There are a lot of simulation style video games out there that cater to the playful, adrenaline-hungry crowd and have fighter jets and military planes galore.

But one of the great things about FlightProSim is how far they’ve gone to keep up the realism and provide a realistic virtual flying experience that makes for a good learning tool as well as a great way to have fun.

And that kind of experience just isn’t the same without a 747.

The way the software is set up, instruments behave just as they would in a real flying environment and have all the same problems and quirks depending on outside stimulus.  Even John Davis, who takes his 747 flight simulator far more seriously than most, would be impressed.

FlightProSim is simply blowing gaming enthusiasts away with it’s commitment to a realistic experience, and it offers the kind of control you just won’t find in the real world—allowing you to change the weather, terrain, airports, planes, and just about anything–which even further appeals to imaginative gamers who like to play “God” in a virtual reality.

Have you ever dreamed of flying the world’s big jumbo jets?  You could always go buy one if you’ve got an extra $200-$300 million lying around somewhere.  But for those of us on a budget or who would rather pretend to fly than carry a few hundred people in a hunk of metal thousands of fee in the air, the 747 flight simulator game provided by FlightProSim is the next best thing.

Who wants to deal with all that maintenance anyways?

So keep your millions.  There’s no need to break that piggy bank open just yet, and there’s no need to pay $130-$840 just to get a taste of what the pros do on a daily basis.  This game will give you everything you need to know about the 747.

Go find out now what makes flying a 747 flight simulator such a unique experience.  There’s just something about the feeling of power it gives you, even when you’re safe on your living room couch.

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Cessna Flight Simulator
It’s always been hard to find a quality Cessna flight simulator, even with all the options available now for aviation gaming enthusiasts.  A lot of developers seemed to not recognize, or just chose to ignore, the demand, and in many cases they didn’t even include them.

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So die-hard fans of these small planes were always stuck with something that didn’t quite suit their tastes.

This was a drag, of course, because for some people the Cessna is simply the ultimate small flying machine, as evidenced by the fact that they are still produced in such great numbers, and finally someone is listening.

FlighProSim is a different kind of simulation game—an opensource software that is always in a state of improvement—and it boasts one of the most incredible plane inventories ever seen.

Thanks to their dedication to providing the ultimate flying experience, this time the Cessna flight simulator has not been left out.  Far from it, actually—the Cessnas directly rival the popular Boeing by having more models available than any other category of plane.

Are you new to the virtual skies?  An old school or new school Cessna flight simulator might just be that little learning machine you’re looking for.  They might not have that get up and go that the fighter jets do, but believe me, they still get up and go, and for more inexperienced pilots it is a far easier plane to handle and even get into the sky in the first place.

The Cessnas do have their sticking points, however.  For instance, it can take some time to figure out how to land them properly, as they can settle pretty hard and send a pilot off course.

Also, they have a reputation for poor fuel economy and little resistance to bad weather.  But with a little practice, you can learn to accommodate their quirks.

And with pure aviation gaming enthusiasts, it’s not always about the most technologically adept machine or the one that can do the craziest tricks.  Even for a newer Cessna, it’s like polishing up a classic automobile and taking it for a Sunday drive.

Short and sweet, but you’re smiling like a young child until you land your plane and head home.

At the time of this writing, there are 10 different Cessna flight simulator models to choose from on FlightProSim, including 3 Skyhawks, a Cessna Citation X, and the Cessna Citation Bravo, and all come as close to most people will ever get to flying a real airplane.  Not to mention that this opensource program is always adding new planes to the inventory, which already sits at 100.

The Cessna flight simulator embraces the tradition of great planes that just won’t go away.  They might be a from a dying era , and technology has gone through dizzying leaps and bounds since they first came on the scene in the mid-50’s, but there’s something about those quaint little planes that captivates the heart of a pilot.

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Boeing Flight Simulator
Did you realize one of the most popular flight models for aviation gaming enthusiasts is the Boeing flight simulator?

When most people dream of the ability to fly, in a plane that is, they typically dream about climbing into the cockpit of a modern day combat jet, but for a lot of people there is another fantasy on the list that introduces a whole different kind of flying experience.  Manning a gigantic jumbo jet.

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The sheer size and power of these modern marvels simply captures the imagination, no matter how many times you’ve sat in the cabins of the real ones and peered out the windows.  And this is why the Boeing flight simulator has become the second most popular flying option for simulation games like FlightProSim.

Developers and software engineers know the 747 is a real attraction on their game, and they’ve put a lot of time and effort into breathing as much life into the Boeing flight simulator as possible—not that they’ve cut any corners on any other part of the game.  All models have an uncanny dedication to real world variables .

FlightProSim is revolutionizing the simulation industry with their sheer inventory of aircraft to choose from, but no matter how intriguing some of the other models, people continue to climb into the Boeing models.

There are other Boeing aircraft that are actually far more likely to be seen, such as the 737, but when it comes to the virtual skies people want the biggest or nothing at all.

Which is why most gravitate to the legendary 747—a modern marvel of size and power.  A Boeing 747 simply inspires awe.  Think of the last time you were at the airport waiting for your flight and one of these monsters lumbered towards the terminal.  No matter how many times you see it, you can’t help but stop and stare.

Now imagine sitting in a 3D cockpit and experiencing what it would be like to actually fly one—to one control and take it anywhere in the world you choose.  It may not have been the first thing you thought of when you started playing with flight simulators, but once you’ve done it you are captivated.

A lot of attention has gone into keeping the 3D cockpits as real as possible, and instruments behave as they should depending on the influence of other instruments or flying conditions.  Even the magnetic compass is affected by the body of an approaching flight.  Never has a game gone so far in breadth and depth to provide a genuine flying experience.

Because all this energy has been put into making the Boeing flight simulator as real as possible, FlightProSim has become a great supplement for pilots who are learning to fly.  It’s a place they can go and practice their new skills without the risk of some small error putting the lives of them and their passengers at risk.

Whether you just want to know what it would be like to fly one of the biggest planes to ever take to the skies or you are serious about becoming a commercial pilot, FlightProSim can meet your needs.  Go check out their Boeing flight simulator now.  The miracle of flight is just within reach.

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