Flight Pro Simulator Review
One of the best things to hit the gaming market lately is actually a flight simulator called FlightProSim, which is a big surprise to hard core gamers who just haven’t been able to work up the proper appetite for these kinds of games in the past. But FlightProSim is different, and the purpose of this flight pro simulator review is to tell you why.

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There’s a few different things that make this specific flight simulator stand out from other options in the industry and appeal to a wider market. First of all, their ridiculous attention to real-world detail is out of this world (if that makes any sense), and any gamer can appreciate the ability to explore as it is available in FlightProSim.

To get an idea of the effort that has gone into this Flight Pro simulator, review what they have done just to mimic the Earth.  They have made a direct model of the actual planet and kept it as realistic in as many ways possible.  Countless landmarks, natural and man-made, are there to see—you can even fly over your own home.

They’ve done this by relying on satellite images, Google maps, 3-D models, and real world photography.  The accuracy is on an unrivaled scale. They even have 20,000 of the world’s actual airports in the game, and believe me when I say there aren’t a whole more than 20,000 airports in the world.

To go even further, the solar system is scaled and laid out correctly, and the game is played in real world time. So when it’s morning at a specific destination in the game,it is the exact same time at the place here in the real world.  What words can a Flight Pro simulator review even use to describe how impressive that is?

Another thing that makes this game appeal to such a wide audience is the social networking capabilities.  Players can plug into the Internet and fly together. They can do mock battles, though actual battling capabilities are yet to be installed, and fly in flight formations.  Compete with aerial tricks.  It’s this kind of human interaction that really brings a video game alive.

It goes on. Players are given as much control over the game as they want.  They can manipulate weather conditions or decide how dependable their aircraft will be. They can build entire airports and airplanes, construct landscapes, and customize their cockpits.  This kind of control allows the imagination to run wild and is often the kind of release gamers are looking for.

If you let them build it, they will come…

But the absolute realism is probably the most inviting facet to this game for every player.  Planes fly as they should depending on the model, instruments behave correctly in relation to each other, and all the smallest details are worked out to match their real world counterparts.  Mix that in with crazy graphics when you’re doing flips in a modern day fighter jet, and who wouldn’t get addicted?

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about this game, and it’s always natural to wonder what’s real and what’s not.

We felt the same way when we decided to write a Flight Pro Simulator Review about this game, but upon analysis we conclude there is a reason everyone is talking.  Go check it out for yourself.

You can always get the basic package and download the rest later if you want. It just means less airplanes, flying range, and scenery. Go experience it for yourself, and you’ll be the one ranting and raving next time around.

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FlightProSim Review
FlightProSim Review: For Serious Pilots and Gamers Alike

When I sat down to write this FlightProSim Review, it took a minute to put a finger on what made this game so unique.  While the absolute attention to even the smallest details is phenomenal and the great graphics provide a visual treat, there was something else that sets it apart from the usual game.  Then it hit me.

What is most unique is how FlightProSim offers a balance for all audiences without sacrificing the experience.

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When it comes to pilot training, flight simulators offer a fantastic solution for logging those hours in a low risk way without burning unnecessary fuel.  The last thing we need is a bunch of people who “want” to fly just hopping in planes and heading upwards to spin around and see if they can stomach it.

Flight simulation offers a way to get all the logistics, mechanics, and technical know-how down before taking the big step and testing your nerves in the air.  Any FlightProSim review will tell you how well this game performs that purpose.

Because it’s really made for educating and satisfying the needs of these trainees as well as serious aviation enthusiasts.  This role of FlightProSim is the defining reason of why it is so fun though–developers have gone a long way to create as realistic an experience as you’re going to find anywhere.

In the past, developers would tone down their simulators to keep the appeal for a wide audience, but the FlightProSim developers, who understand the advanced gamer of today, have instead embraced the difficulty of realistic flight scenarios.

Those who know flying best sit down to the FlightProSim and say they’ve never had such a genuine experience of piloting a plane with a simulator of this caliber.  The controls are all correct, and the airplanes are real airports that you can find all over the world.

That means that a pilot in training is learning the layout of airports all around the globe by exploring a virtual world–there’s not pretend airports in pretend cities.  If you find an airport in FlightProSim, you’ll find it in the real world too.

And one of the best parts about the game is the FlightProSim review of different situations and emergencies.  Instruments behave just how they would depending on the physical stimulus involved, giving a pilot an accurate idea of what would happen in real life.

That’s not to say that there’s no room for imagination.  If you you want to get creative with the FlightProSim, review all the different options for customization.  Not only can you customize your airplanes, but you can customize or build entire airports.

You can even mimic the experience of flying in stormy conditions, and you are given complete control of the weather so in the virtual planes you can brave any natural disaster you like, a creative aspect of the game that can help pilot trainees prepare for the future.   You can even modify the terrain and build your own airplanes.

So no matter if you are serious about being a pilot, want to flirt with the fantasy of flight, just want to check out the scenery, or play God in your own version of Earth, this game can make it happen for you.

It’s almost impossible to describe in a FlightProSim review how realistic this game is.  You’ll just have to go download it for yourself and see.

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